[ RadSafe ] Hot particles on automobile air filters; religious fervour

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>Ah, so the data is robust enough to share with friends, so they can
>spread the news worldwide, but not robust enough to expose to
>potentially critical examination.
>How very, very, usual.
> >Sorry, Its not my data and you will have to wait for it to be
>published. It was meaursed in the USA by a colleague. I do however have
>my own data and will share it with you in due course.
>That is being done by the referees of the journal.
>I was just answering those who said it was all made up.
>There is no question about robust. It is there 
>to see and I saw it. You can say I am lying but 
>since it will appear you will have to take my 
>word (or not). I mean, even if i attached the 
>jpg, someone like Dapra or Helbig or Franz will 
>just say I made it up on photoshop.

June 23

         What's photoshop?

Steven Dapra

>  What is interesting to me is that you 
> radsafers are just as capable as I am of 
> getting air filters from USA or from Japan. You 
> all have money and departments. But I dont 
> think any of you are really interested in the 
> science. You are all like priests: guarding the 
> health physics shrine with religious fervour. 
> Despite what Franz and Dapra keep insinuating I 
> do not have money and am really quite poor.

         I'm a RADSAFEr with no money and no 
department.  Boo Hoo.  I have never said you have 
or don't have money.  I'm not a materialist, 
thank you.  All I'm interested in is my girlfriend and a bottle of red wine.


>I currently live in France on a boat on my old 
>age pension of $500 a month plus a few 
>donations. Last month my total income was about 
>£1000. Next month it will be less. I do this 
>because it is saving my children and yours. I 
>would much rather sit on the beach in the sun 
>with a bottle of red wine and my girlfriend.

         You have a girlfriend?  At your 
age?  Let's see a picture of her.  Or will you make that up on photoshop too?

Steven Dapra

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