[ RadSafe ] Hot particles on automobile air filters

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I have to wonder that, too. 

Cindy Bloom 

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Oh come on, if that 137Cs is from Fukushima so where is the 134Cs. 



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> OK -- I'll bite. The gamma spectrum of these filters shows Cs-137 and I-131. 
> Big deal. At what concentration? 
>   Oh wait, these were automobile air filters, right? I'm sure you know 
> the exact air flow through those filters (in L, or m3, or cc -- or 
> whatever volume unit you choose), right?   
> Jim 
> >>> Clayton J Bradt <CJB01 at health.state.ny.us> 6/24/2011 14:26 >>> 
> Chris Busby states: 
> "But these filters have been across the Pacific and in the mail system for 
> a long time. 
> The gamma spectrum of the filters shows Cs137 and I131." 

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