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>Chris Busby states:
>"But these filters have been across the Pacific and in the mail system for
>a long time.
>The gamma spectrum of the filters shows Cs137 and I131."
>Now I'm curious.  Are these air filters replacement parts manufactured in
>Japan within the past 3 months and shipped to the US?
>If so, and assuming for the sake of argument that there are hot particles
>in the air filters, they would likely have been introduced during
>the manufacturing process - not during use.
>Further questions: Have hot particles been found through the environmental
>monitoring in Japan?  Where is the manufacturing plant for the filters in
>relation to Fukushima? Has monitoring been performed at the manufacturing
>Clayton J. Bradt

>I cant see why you are getting so exercised. You know that there are 
>hot particles coming out of Fukushima. There was a autoradiograph of 
>a spinach leaf with hot particles on it. Didnt you see that? It was 
>on the internet. I can probably find it and put it up. I think its 
>on www.llrc.org It was Japanese university as I recall. No we just 
>had the filters sent to us. No one checked the manufacturer but they 
>are from Japanese cars and I have the location of the cars, the 
>mileage after the accident and so forth. What is your point? That 
>the manufacturer added hot particles? Is that credible? My own 5 
>filters from Fukushimna and from Tokyo have been sent by some 
>reporters whose editor collected the filters. I will let you know 
>the results in due course.

June 24

         I wouldn't say Clayton is getting exercised.  These seem 
like reasonable questions.  What exactly is the source of the hot 
particles, and where have they been found?  One spinach leaf doesn't 
prove much of anything.  Why would these reporters send air filters to you?

         I personally think the manufacturers added the hot 
particles.  Probably dug them out of the melted down core, put them 
into the filters using tweezers and held them down with Scotch tape.

Steven Dapra

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