[ RadSafe ] Hot particles on automobile air filters

Dimiter Popoff didi at tgi-sci.com
Sat Jun 25 21:36:31 CDT 2011

The spectrum did not make it to the list.
I was asking because I was under the impression the airfilters were said
to be from North America, not Japan. That some contamination can be
sampled there is less surprising. Quantitative assessment will not be
an easy thing to do - especially without knowing the mileage behind
this filter, nor its route during the measured period. Still I would
be curious to look at some spectra.



Dimiter Popoff               Transgalactic Instruments


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>Dear Dimiter,
>Yes, I have the spectrum in front of me. The peaks show Cs137 and Cs134.
>I attach the spectrum for your interest. The vehicle filter was from =
>Maybe you can find the Radon daughter peaks.
>This spectrum must not be put on the internet but can be used for =
>helpful comment.
>I expect Mr Franz and Mr Dapra will say I made it up on photoshop.
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>But did you (or anyone else) see these 134Cs peaks you are talking
>about in these spectra?
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