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I join Steven with his comment. I have crfiticized Chris' opinions heavily, but I categorilly deny to have him accused of using photoshop to falsify spectra. Needless to say that in the case of nuclear fallout a NaI-spectrum is of very little use and shows that he has no idea about modern radioactivity measurements. If he is not able to interepret spectra he should leave commenting on them.

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---- Steven Dapra <sjd at swcp.com> schrieb:
> June 26
> Dear Dr. Busby:
>          Why have you accused me (twice now) of saying you might have 
> made something up on photoshop?  I have never accused you of any such 
> thing, nor have I ever intimated that you might make something up on 
> photoshop.  Please explain yourself, or at least refrain for making 
> this false accusation against me.
>          Thank you.
> Steven Dapra
> At 03:29 PM 6/25/2011, you wrote:
> >Dear Dimiter,
> >
> >Yes, I have the spectrum in front of me. The peaks show Cs137 and Cs134.
> >I attach the spectrum for your interest. The vehicle filter was from Tokyo.
> >Maybe you can find the Radon daughter peaks.
> >This spectrum must not be put on the internet but can be used for 
> >helpful comment.
> >
> >I expect Mr Franz and Mr Dapra will say I made it up on photoshop.
> >
> >
> >Sincerely
> >Chris
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