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Alan Stahler stahler at kvmr.org
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Cosmic radiation is particulate radiation; it includes nuclei Z>1, energies > 
Material shielding would be (prohibitively?) massive
Equipment to provide electromagnetic shielding would be (prohibitively?) massive
Radioprotectants (eg, chelators) are not relevant
Most "realistic" solution might be GM astronauts
-Al Stahler
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Would one of you correct my impression that radiation levels in or 
beyond the Van Allen Belts make 'farther out' manned missions 
prohibitive thus far ....?
Maury&Dog [MaurySiskel maurysis at peopelpc.com]

On 6/29/2011 5:33 PM, Brennan, Mike (DOH) wrote:
> The best first step towards a manned mission to Mars would be the
> development of a space elevator, which is probably a decade of so from
> having all the pieces necessary.
> Right now the cost per kilo of getting things out of the gravity well is
> too high to allow for anything but a barest bones trip; more PR than
> science.  Until the price comes down a lot getting the propulsion plant,
> fuel/reaction mass, supplies, and shielding is prohibitive.
> Personally, I would like to see a lot more robotic missions, to Mars,
> the Moon, and Jupiter.  I think we have reached a point where the
> capabilities of unmanned craft are so high that space travel will have
> to be almost free before the trade-off is in favor of manned missions.
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