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Cary Renquist cary.renquist at ezag.com
Thu Jun 30 12:58:50 CDT 2011

Just popped up in my news-feed...

Laser enabled megawatt class fusion propulsion

IEEE Spectrum - John J. Chapman, a NASA engineer, is proposing nuclear
fusion propulsion for space satellites and space probes. He made a
presentation at the IEEE Symposium on Fusion Engineering in Chicago.

    In Chapman's aneutronic fusion reactor scheme, a commercially
available benchtop laser starts the reaction. A beam with energy on the
order of 2 x 10^18 watts per square centimeter, pulse frequencies up to
75 megahertz, and wavelengths between 1 and 10 micrometers is aimed at a
two-layer, 20-centimeter-diameter target.

Advanced Fusion Reactors for Space Propulsion and Power Systems
J. J. Chapman, Engineering Division, NASA, Hampton, VA, United States

Cary Renquist
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