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Jerry Cohen jjc105 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 2 14:25:31 CST 2011

It is interesting that in your article, you conjectured on a possible future 
policy of "as low as unreasonably achievable" (ALAURA). It should be noted that 
a precursor to the current ALARA policy was ALAP (as low as possible). ALAP was 
superseded by ALARA  because of an awareness that no matter how low the level of 
exposure, it could  always be made yet lower by expending more and more 
resources toward that end.
      The "preisthood" (ICRP, etc) who advise such policies are composed of 
experts on radiation effects. They are not stupid people; so why do they propose 
policies that many of us consider ill advised? It may stem from a genuine 
concern for human well-being---or--- could it possibly be from enlightened 
self-interest? It is hard to get funding to protect people against anything that 
is not harmful.

Jerry Cohen

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Ann, thanks very much for your kind comment. If you don't get the newsletter, I 
have posted a copy of this article (with permission) on the RADAR site:



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Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 08:21:50 -0600
From: Ann Troxler <Ann.Troxler at LA.GOV>
Subject: [ RadSafe ] Health Physics News March 2011

Anyone who has not yet read the article by Michael Stabin and Jeffrey Siegel in 
the March issue is in for a treat.  They treat the current "proposal" to climb 
on to the IAEA bandwagon for dose reduction with humor, intelligence and 
courage.   A must read.

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