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Health Physicists,
Many of you know Art Robinson, you having been introduced by him when speaking to Doctors for Disaster Preparedness. The day after he was barely defeated for Congress by an OSU earmarker, this retribution on his 3 NE PhD children appeared.  Professor Higginbotham,  the Robinsons and the veracity of OSU  NE need your exploration of this condensation from Art, who is famously punctilious, saying, "A true scientist tries to prove himself wrong."
Howard Long (MD, MPH)

"- chairman of the nuclear engineering department Kathryn Higley are expelling four-year Ph.D. student Joshua Robinson from OSU at the end of the current academic quarter and turning over the prompt neutron activation analysis facility Joshua built for his thesis work and all of his work in progress to Higley's husband, Steven Reese. Reese, an instructor in the department, has stated that he will use these things for his own professional gain. 

Joshua's apparatus, which he built and added to the OSU nuclear reactor with the guidance and ideas of his mentor, Michael Hartman, earned Joshua the award for best Masters of Nuclear Engineering thesis at OSU and has been widely complimented by scientists at prominent U.S. nuclear facilities.

Meanwhile, faculty member Todd Palmer notified four-year Ph.D. student Bethany Robinson (OSU grade point average 3.89) that he was terminating her thesis work and taking all of her work in progress for himself. Some of Bethany's graduate work has already been used, without credit to Bethany, in the thesis of another favored student now recently hired on the department faculty. -

Professor Higginbotham, who also serves as president of the OSU Faculty Senate and director of the Oregon NASA Space Science Consortium, has been a member of the OSU faculty for 24 years. He has held many responsible positions in the university and has received numerous professional awards. Moreover, he is very widely admired for the many instances in which he has given special help to students at OSU. This is a man who thinks always of his students and never of himself.

Professor Higginbotham warned us that faculty administrators at OSU were working to make certain that Joshua, his sister Bethany and, if possible, his brother Matthew never receive Ph.D. degrees in nuclear engineering from OSU, regardless of their examination, academic and research performance. Professor Higginbotham then reviewed with us the details of the plan to destroy the education of these students and advised me to do anything I could to protect my children.

The attack on Professor Higginbotham, if not stopped, may also destroy the graduate work of his student, Matthew Robinson. Matthew (OSU grade point average 3.91) passed up a $57,000 per year offer from the MIT graduate school so he could join his brother and sister at OSU two years ago. -

The department of nuclear engineering attracted the Robinson students to OSU during a better day when it was directed by distinguished nuclear engineer José Reyes, who has now moved to NuScale Power. The department was in the hands of a group of very outstanding nuclear engineers. The ranks of these engineers have unfortunately been thinned by retirements and departure to other universities, including Michael Hartman now at the University of Michigan, but still mentoring Joshua. The engineers no longer control the department. -

As things stand today, Jack Higginbotham and his students and staff, along with Joshua Robinson are in immediate danger. Bethany Robinson is slated for dismissal soon after and without the Ph.D. that she has nearly completed. The dismissal of Matthew Robinson may not be far behind. And the danger to Professor Higginbotham's other students is likewise very high.

Contact information for the OSU nuclear engineering department is: Phone: 541-737-2343. Fax: 541-737-4678. E-mail: joan.stueve at oregonstate.edu. Mailing address: 116 Radiation Center, Corvallis, OR 97331-5902.

Please also contact the President of OSU, Edward Ray. Phone: 541-737-4133. Fax: 541-737-3033. E-mail: pres.office at oregonstate.edu. Mailing address: 600 Kerr Administration Building, Corvallis, OR 97331-2128.

The email address of the OSU Vice-President for University Relations and Marketing, Todd Simmons, is todd.simmons at oregonstate.edu

For more information or to take further action, please visit: www.OregonStateOutrage.com "

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