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The waste would have been of a fully amortized reactor that could have been replace with a far newer design. Two new reactors were already planned for that facility. 

It would have been a decision heralded worldwide as a proactive response demonstrating the commitment to safety of the nuclear industry. 

This decision would have protected their investment in their other 54 or so plants. The current situation has already caused significant damage to the nuclear industry in totality. Every 10 minutes the world meltdown and catastrophe is used on the news. 


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On Mar 12, 2011, at 1:45 PM, Doug Huffman wrote:

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> The hypothetical earlier use of seawater would have been a very
> proactive decision by the very highest levels of management and national
> authority because it promptly wastes the huge investment.
> All of the plants remain at risk that might justify that same
> hypothetical decision.
> On 3/12/2011 13:10, Jeff Terry wrote:
>> I still think that flooding with sea water should have been immediately attempted. 
>> <Speculation> I think that they were trying to save the reactor. </Speculation> 
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