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Tue Mar 15 17:41:17 CDT 2011

Al said:
"I'm taking the public calls on this incident- mostly about KI, with me
trying to explain why we're not recommending it. I've handled about 200
calls since yesterday. Anyone else inundated and what is your message?

Al Conklin"

Yes same here. My message is "do not take KI until and only if
told to by gov't officials. Do not take internally 
Tincture of Iodine or other iodine bearing medicine period. 
In a dire emergency, Tincture of iodine can be applied to skin. Emergency 
self calibrating dose is dip index finger in 2% Tincture of Iodine 
up to the first knuckle"

The next question is: Do you have any Geiger Counters for sale, 
and if so, how do I use it?" Answer: no I have nothing for sale. 
Over the last 10 years I have distributed thousands of PICs, meters 
and probes as we as several gamma analysis setups. For basic information use these non professional free websites for information as shown:

New members, here is a guide to the various lists and the purpose for each;

General Q+A, Chat about the venerable CDV-700 series, prospecting,general
theory, go to:

General Q+A, Chat about Geiger Counter extreme modifications, all other GC's
besides CDV-700's
advanced subjects, lab experiments:

Original, now closed but archived site:

Overflow FILES site:

General Q+A, Chat about spectrum analysis:

General Q+A, Chat about scientific non-medical use of X-Rays and X-Ray machines

Tutorials, get-up-to-speed-fast theory articles ( NO CHAT, Read-only):

George Dowell

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