[ RadSafe ] Abandoned

Larry Addis ajess at clemson.edu
Tue Mar 15 22:24:31 CDT 2011

This is what I feared was happening last night when we heard 40 rem/hr dose
rates outdoors at the site last night. I lay in bed and couldn't sleep last
night worrying about something I had no control over. I hope there haven't
already been lethal exposures to the brave souls that stayed for the last
couple of days.

It will literally be years before we get those reactor vessel heads off and
know what has happened or more pointedly, what is happening. 

I hadn't even thought of the spent fuel pools until a couple of days into
the event. I've seen a pool lose cooling for a time. They heat up quickly.

This is truly a nightmare of historical/biblical proportions.  

I was asked to give a talk/answer session to an mech. engineering class
today and said I'd wait - I just don't know what I'd say. Dumbstruck at this


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The NY Times is reporting that the plant has been abandoned due to radiation



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