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I am still waiting for the Defense Minister's press conference - it was too
have started almost half an hour ago - they made four drops - one looked
like it was pretty much on target - the press conference once again is
supposed to be about to start - - it is now beginning .


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Now going with the helicopter bucket brigade. 

On Mar 16, 2011, at 6:33 PM, Roger Helbig wrote:

This is footage as of 7:30AM - there were small steam clouds, no smoke or




It is 8:30AM on Thursday -


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Mr Banning,


What exactly is it if it is not ionizing radiation?  This post is much too




For any of you attempting to monitor what is going on at the Fukushima
reactor complex, it is about 8:30AM Thursday in Japan - NHK TV has a
helicopter with camera 35 Km away - there was a small plume of steam rising
from three reactors - you can watch NHK live at


The winds were blowing to the South East - away from Japan out to sea




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There is radiation in the atmosphere sooooo to high that they have to filter
the water before they can develop movie film in Arkansas. So every time
there is an accident like Japan, this adds to the problem.

This radiation is not the same as ionizing radiation.



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If there is NOTHING to radiation, as the VA will tell us, WHY is the world
so concern about a melt down???



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