[ RadSafe ] NRC Recommending Americans keep 50 mi distant. A new 50 mile radius EPZ needed??

Maury Siskel maurysis at peoplepc.com
Thu Mar 17 21:49:28 CDT 2011

Does anyone know the EPA  EPZ  LOBA distance is for electric power 
windmills .. or the EPZ for stockyards ... or the EPZ around gas/oil 
drilling rigs until the drilling is completed.  My son tells me there 
should be an EPZ around my kitchen;  the radius is yet to be determined ....
Maury&Dog  [MaurySiskel maurysis at peoplepc.com]

Stewart Farber wrote:

>News reports just mentioned the US NRC Commisioner recommended that Americans in 
>Japan should keep themselves 50 miles from the Fukushima site. 
>This must be part of the NRC's new program to establish a 50 mile EPZ  [vs. 10 
>miles now ] around the 104 US reactors. Why have a 10 mi. EPZ  [ 78 sq. miles] 
>when a 50 mile radius [1963 sq. miles]  is seemingly needed per the NRC 
>Commissioner for another country?
>Is today's NRC Commissioner recommendation a component of a new Federal Full 
>Employment Act initiative for increasing nuclear plant EPZ planners by a factor 
>of 25?  I'm sure certain interests are salivating at the opportunity to 
>introduce new legislation to force an increase in the current EPZ from a radius 
>of 10 to 50 miles since the NRC seems to think it's advisable.
> Stewart Farber, MS Public Health
>Farber Medical Solutions, LLC
>farber at farber.info

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