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Cosmic Beryllium??    Is this a joke?

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> dear radsafers ,
>> I invite you to get perspex plates (from a quarter to one half square meter ) 
>>or something similar . make them warm with a potent hairdryer or something 
>>similar ( i do it in the baking oven). heat up vaseline ( a petroleum product) 
>>and draw it with a syringe when liquid. spread on perspex and distribute with 
>>large flat brush . for a quarter sq meter required about 5 to max 10 cc 
>> lay it out horizontally and secure against windforces.
>> this is an excellent particulate sampler. if you want to know about the 
>>residues, shave the vaseline off with a spatula and put it in your spectrometer 
>>leadcastle. you can also provide a contam monitor with little pointed feet 
>>(screws) of two or three millimeters, rest it on the exposed perspex and let it 
>>run in scaler mode. so you will eventually have an idea if there is something 
>>deposited beside of cosmic beryllium  (i can measure it easily).
>> good luck and enjoy sampling, I just come from reading that particules arrived 
>>in california.
>> marco
>> marco
> let me know what you found!
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