[ RadSafe ] Fwd: Please help. OSU moves to stop Joshua Robinson's PhD work

Larry Addis ajess at clemson.edu
Sat Mar 19 15:33:02 CDT 2011


You need not help me understand the situation you referred to.  The first
thing I read by Art Robinson was that he was:

"rescuing our country from the out-of-control Obama administration". Sounds
like political ideology to me.

I read all the materials presented on the "Outrage" by Art Robinson and saw
nothing relating to radiation protection and little to academic pursuits.  

I did see terms like:

home schooling, and Christian, drunken parties of OSU nuclear engineering
students during taxpayer-financed trips to scientific meetings. 

Politics should have NO place on either side of an academic issue. Nor
should the other things mentioned.

I feel sorry for the students.  I hope this all gets resolved and otherwise
deserving students get an open, fair and unobstructed opportunity to finish
their academic pursuits.

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