[ RadSafe ] Japan FOOD-Beta counts or other in food etc.??

Paul Rubin paulrubin713 at comcast.net
Sun Mar 20 09:14:25 CDT 2011

I agree with you that the probe is a cylindrical pancake, but the meter I clearly saw on my HD TV was a TCS-312. It had a light blue control area and knob controls, not touch panel. 
The 312 is listed for alpha or alpha-beta scintillation probes, but I guess that it can be set up for GM also. 
Anyway it looks nice. I want one. 

On another topic. I just picked up a nice Victoreen 450P. I can't find a full manual on the web. Anyone have one?
Also how do you think this compares to the newer 451P?

Paul Rubin N8NOV

On Mar 19, 2011, at 11:18 PM, <GEOelectronics at netscape.com> wrote:

> Dewey, the survey meter of choice seems to be an Aloka 146 series with a pancake probe. At 
> least that's what is making it onto the NHK videos.
> http://www2.aloka.co.jp/products/index_html/radiation/002
> Therefore Beta+ Gamma, alphas blocked by contamination covering (plastic bags).
> George Dowell
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