[ RadSafe ] Detectability vs. Hazard ,uranium in peaches

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Sun Mar 20 22:15:33 CDT 2011

March 20

         Referring to your last paragraph (about the amount of 
radioactivity in bananas and Brazil nuts), perhaps this is the 
solution to problem of obesity.  Tell the overweight people how much 
radioactivity is in food in general.  Their fear of rad will keep 
them out of grocery stores and they will lose all that excess weight.

         Their guilt complex over the size of their carbon footprint 
will prevent them from having food delivered. . . .

Steven Dapra

At 07:08 PM 3/19/2011, you wrote:
>Yes, I live in upstate South Carolina and we have some VERY high levels of
>naturally occurring Uranium in well water in discreet locations in our
>Greenville County. The activity is so high I wouldn't drink it - owed to
>chemical properties for kidney deposition.  Come to think of it I might give
>a sample of my well water to our Rad Chem instructor to do an analysis if he
>has time. Come to think of it, I've never checked it for chemical analysis
>either. Only been drinking it for 31 years.
>A woman in one of my training classes recoiled in horror and screamed "I'm
>pregnant" as I approached her with a 198,000 dpm I-129 disc source. I was
>showing them that it was almost non-detectable with a Pancake GM, but was 20
>some thousand cpm with a thin window NaI detector.
>She would have REALLY been horrified if she knew just how radioactive she
>already was. I told her we needed to talk and tried to explain it to her.
>Her emotions didn't want to let her brain absorb it.  She was a technical
>assistant and made her living in bio-tech.
>Had she known about bananas and Brazil nuts she probably would have given
>them a wide berth in the local grocery store. ;=)
>Larry Addis


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