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patricia lewis lewis at radonmine.com
Tue Mar 22 13:58:09 CDT 2011

KSL -TV out of Salt Lake City UT just finished a brief film interview here
at the Free Enterprise Radon Health Mine (Boulder MONTANA).  Should air
tonight within their broadcast area.  The reporter is John Hollenhorst - his
bio says ".. his studies emphasized science and history" and has three times
been "named Best TV Reporter by the Society of Professional Journalists" .
I am hoping for a positive take - or even balanced would be nice - but
anything could come of it at this point.  Recently, CNN showed some interest
in visiting, as they did in 1993, but no date is set.

By the way: my personal approximate annual exposure to radon is calculated
to be about 150 mSv.  Starting our 18th year as owner/operator.  Our guests
enjoy about 6 - 12 mSv over an approximate 10 day period.

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Patricia Lewis
Free Enterprise Radon Health Mine, Boulder MT
406 225-3383
lewis at radonmine.com

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