[ RadSafe ] MOX Fuel and latest Leuren Moret injection into Fukushima

Roger Helbig rhelbig at sfo.com
Fri Mar 25 04:54:59 CDT 2011

How much plutonium is in MOX?   Does it present a significantly greater
hazard than the uranium dioxide in conventional nuclear fuel rods?  The
anti-nuclear community is making a major issue about the unit with MOX in
the spent fuel pool and now I believe that there are concerns with that
reactor's containment integrity as well.  The anti-nukes make this sound
like the reactor being more potentially deadly than Chernobyl.  Thanks.


PS - Leuren Moret has put an article into the Japan Times - if any of you
have Japanese connections, please, make them aware of how much of a fraud
that Moret is - she is an exceptional self-promoter, typical anything for a
"buck" or in her case angling for a free plane ticket, hotel and food (and
plenty of bottled water if she goes to Tokyo even though she is about 65 and
clearly not pregnant or a nursing mother) 


Japan's deadly game of nuclear roulette
Special to The Japan Times

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