[ RadSafe ] MOX Fuel and latest Leuren Moret injection into Fukushima

George Stanford gstanford at aya.yale.edu
Fri Mar 25 09:25:00 CDT 2011

About 1.2% of spent fuel is plutonium anyway.  While MOX
might double or triple that, there is no significant increase in
hazard.  The hazard is in the fission products, which are the
same either way.

-- George Stanford
Reactor physicist, retired


At 04:54 AM 3/25/2011, Roger Helbig wrote:
How much plutonium is in MOX?   Does it present a significantly greater
hazard than the uranium dioxide in conventional nuclear fuel rods?  The
anti-nuclear community is making a major issue about the unit with MOX in
the spent fuel pool and now I believe that there are concerns with that
reactor's containment integrity as well.  The anti-nukes make this sound
like the reactor being more potentially deadly than Chernobyl.  Thanks.


PS - Leuren Moret has put an article into the Japan Times - if any of you
have Japanese connections, please, make them aware of how much of a fraud
that Moret is - she is an exceptional self-promoter, typical anything for a
"buck" or in her case angling for a free plane ticket, hotel and food (and
plenty of bottled water if she goes to Tokyo even though she is about 65 and
clearly not pregnant or a nursing mother)


Japan's deadly game of nuclear roulette
Special to The Japan Times

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