[ RadSafe ] Banana Equivalent Dose - erroneous?

McNaughton, Michael mcnaught at lanl.gov
Fri Mar 25 13:51:46 CDT 2011


To the best of my knowledge, FGR #11 is not applicable in this case. However, I don't know of any documentation.

Mike McNaughton
mcnaught at lanl.gov

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The main question I am seeking to clarify is:

does this mean that applying the dose given in FGR #11 for K-40 is 
incorrect in this case?

Is using the dose from exposure to K-40 given in FGR #11 valid in the 
case of ingestion of a large mass (circa 500mg) of a natural mix of 
potassium isotopes.

In particular any ref to any documentation explaining whether or not 
this is correct use of the dose tables would be most helpful

best regards.

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