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Sun Mar 27 14:16:06 CDT 2011

I think that the issue of jurisdiction is not the issue here.  As I
understand this, the RSO works as a civilian representative of the
Army and addresses issues pertaining to contamination on US vehicles
(tanks) or perhaps areas contaminated with DU rounds with the intent
to try to reduce the environmental exposure to contamination from DU
rounds and to recover US property that may have become contaminated
and ensure that when they are brought back to US control and that the
international requirement for contamination on the surface of a
package are met.  Also, there are a lot of commodities containing
radioactive materials used by the Army.  Likewise, efforts to recover
these after use or when they are unfit for service are part of a
general obligation to account for radioactive material and control the
devices or instruments which may be part of the NRC license held by
the Army.

I realize that this may not represent real or all of the issues that
the RSO would deal with but may be at least partially true.

B. Scott Davidson, CHP, CSP

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>> My real concern about the RSO position in Afghanistan, is not so much NRC's jurisdiction in another sovereign state - clearly it has none and so cannot enforce its regulations or conduct inspections in that country. Rather, the idea of sending perfectly healthy human beings into a war zone, and thereby exposing them to extreme physical hazard, merely for the sake of meeting license requirements is Freaking CRAZY!
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