[ RadSafe ] ABC News yet again

Jerry Cohen jjc105 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 28 12:13:54 CDT 2011

Is anyone aware of any efforts by ICRP, NCRP, NRC, EPA, UNSCEAR, or other 
official radiation protection advisory organizations to address or allay 
irrational fears or hysteria related to radiation exposure.
Just wondering?     Jerry Cohen

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I agree.  Dr. Kaku's "expert opinion" wasn't constructive, IMHO.  The "radiation 
boy" video is MUCH more educational and informative.

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Correspondent David Wright - "homes are intact, but radioactive" - then
they bring in their wonderful expert hysteria expert Dr Michio Kaku - HPS
needs to get ABC and other news casts a list of good materials - "plutonium,
even a tiny speck can give you lung cancer" - 


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