[ RadSafe ] Was There Ever Liquid Fuel Reactor?

Roger Helbig rhelbig at sfo.com
Tue Mar 29 22:24:12 CDT 2011

Pat Thurston, KGO-Radio Talk Show has someone telling all about "liquid
fuel" and saying  the reactor manufacturers sold the reactor at cost so that
they could make money off the fuel rod assemblies - I think that this is
pure malarkey, but I do not know so I am letting the list know about this
program - she has a knack for interviewing anti-nuclear activists many of
whom seem to be more loon than activist - is this person one of those - the
program is widely heard over the entire West Coast plus available on the
internet world wide - 


To Listen - go to www.kgoradio.com then to Listen - then Hourly Archives -
Tuesday 8-9PM - this will be available for one week -  the show will be
available about 9:15PM Pacific Time this evening - that's in a little less
than an hour from when I am sending this 


Roger Helbig

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