[ RadSafe ] Was There Ever Liquid Fuel Reactor?

Roger Helbig rhelbig at sfo.com
Wed Mar 30 05:59:08 CDT 2011

Thanks, Doug

If it was such a good technology, why were no production reactors ever
built?  Were there unexpected problems and drawbacks?


The radio commentary begins 8:30 about China's supposedly going to build
safer cheaper reactors based on Thorium - her guest is - Kirk Thorenson -
www.energyfromthorium.com - he sounds pretty sound - comments about Thorium
fuel reactors - I was turned off later into his discussion when he said
something about defense contractors having killed the thorium reactor - the
beginning, though, sounds pretty good - 

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Yes, the Molten Salt Reactor Experiment operated at ORNL until 1970 and
its difficult decommissioning was recently completed.

Ah, yes, there is a Wikipedia article on this one.


On 3/29/2011 22:24, Roger Helbig wrote:
> Pat Thurston, KGO-Radio Talk Show has someone telling all about "liquid
> fuel" and saying  the reactor manufacturers sold the reactor at cost so
> they could make money off the fuel rod assemblies - I think that this is
> pure malarkey, but I do not know so I am letting the list know about this
> program - she has a knack for interviewing anti-nuclear activists many of
> whom seem to be more loon than activist - is this person one of those -
> program is widely heard over the entire West Coast plus available on the
> internet world wide - 
> To Listen - go to www.kgoradio.com then to Listen - then Hourly Archives -
> Tuesday 8-9PM - this will be available for one week -  the show will be
> available about 9:15PM Pacific Time this evening - that's in a little less
> than an hour from when I am sending this 
> Roger Helbig

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