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Mon Mar 7 21:29:35 CST 2011

1. *The current U.S. median of 0.198 picocuries of I-131 per cubic meter of
air was at least 20 times above "normal" level*s (0.010) recorded by EPA in
early June 1986 when Chernobyl fallout had largely disappeared from the U.S.

2. *Current levels were 46% of peak Chernobyl fallout* (0.430, May 11-13,

3. *Boise ID had a reading 84 times above the normal level in the U.S.* on
March 23 (0.840, vs. 0.010).

*Advisory Board                                  Research Associates*

Rosalie Bertell, PhD, GNSH                  William Reid, MD
Samuel S. Epstein, MD                          Susanne Saltzman, MD
Agnes Reynolds, RN                             Janette Sherman, MD


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