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Mon Mar 7 21:29:35 CST 2011

(primary containment suppression pool) to the reactor building was a
modification that was installed in the 1990's.

Based on my experience working at a similar plant, it made sense at the
time, considering:
1. The primary containment is equipped with hydrogen re-combiners to
burn the hydrogen under controlled conditions
2. The reactor building is kept under negative pressure and is
ventilated via HEPA and charcoal filters
3. The reactor building is continuously monitored for gases

ALL of this assumes that there is electrical power available...

Now that we have seen a prolonged "station blackout" condition, I'm sure
that mods will be in order to allow emergency venting of the torus to
the plant stack (at elevation above the buildings).

It seems to me that the plant operators were faced with a difficult
decision: 1) vent the torus and risk a hydrogen explosion on the
refueling floor (equipped with metal blow-out panels) OR 2) let primary
containment pressure continue to rise until the containment burst

History will be the judge...

Harry Anagnostopoulos, CHP

"In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but
planning is indispensable."
-    President Dwight D. Eisenhower

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