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May 1

	"There is an increased risk to children exposed to diagnostic 
radiation, particularly in the first trimester.  A higher incidence 
of leukemia was found in several early studies in which irradiation 
was used to treat thymic enlargement in neonates, tinea capitis 
infection, or ankylosing spondylitis."

	"There is considerable controversy about the potential risks 
associated with exposure to ionizing radiation from routine nuclear 
power plant emissions.  Although an association between exposure to 
electromagnetic fields and the development of childhood ALL [Acute 
Lymphoblastic Leukemia] has been reported it has not been confirmed."

(from: Cancer Principles and Practice of Oncology, Vol. 2, p. 1793.)

	"Ionising radiation, benzene and certain drugs and industrial 
exposures are known to be leukaemogenic, but the known causes are 
unlikely to account for a large proportion of cases either in adults 
or children.

(from: Trends in Cancer; World Health Organization, p. 737)

	"Leukemia strikes both sexes and all ages.  Causes of most leukemias 
are unknown.  Persons with Down syndrome and certain other genetic 
abnormalities have higher than usual incidence rate of leukemia.  It 
has also been linked to excessive exposure to ionizing radiation and 
to certain chemicals such as benzene. . . .   Certain forms of 
leukemia and lymphoma are caused by a retrovirus, HTLV-I (human 
T-cell leukemia/lymphoma virus-I).

(from: American Cancer Society, 1996)

	The link below is to a 'scroll-through' article in the NIH's Senior 
Health section.  The fourth and fifth pages at this link note that 
benzene is a risk factor for leukemia, and that benzene is found in 
cigarette smoke.  "It is estimated that about half of the benzene 
exposure in the United States is from cigarette smoke. Smoking is a 
risk factor for leukemia."

	Also at this site, on page three, we read, "More than 65 percent of 
people diagnosed with leukemia are over 55."


Steven Dapra

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