[ RadSafe ] Busby: chemist or physicist?

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Sun May 1 22:09:54 CDT 2011

May 1

         Okay, Mr. CHEMICAL physicist.  Besides, I did not call you a 
physicist. The infowars.com web site that was fawning and simpering 
over you called you a "physicist."  Why don't you register a 
complaint with your sycophants?  By the way, how do you know there is 
"a rage" in all those residents of Tokyo?  Have you interviewed any of them?

         You are not a nuclear physicist, nor are you an 
epidemiologist, hence when you are spewing about power reactors and 
epidemiology you are outside of your field, so big deal.

         I think it's safe to assume that you are implying that 
Fukushima will cause an *additional* 800,000 cancers.  That claim is 
a fraud and a hoax.  But just to be reasonable about it, let's see 
your "calculations," assuming that you can find the envelope upon 
whose back you made them.

Steven Dapra

At 01:06 PM 5/1/2011, you wrote:

>My PhD is in Chemical PHYSICS
>Thank you
>Chris Busby
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>April 29
>         According to this hysterical and fear-mongering article, Chris Busby
>is a physicist.  Here's the quote:
>"Dr. Chris Busby, another physicist says there is a rage in the
>people in Tokyo and he now predicts based on his calculations that
>800,000 people out of about 8 million who live within 200 kilomters
>[sic] of the plant will contract cancer if they are not moved out."
>         Here's the link:
>         Based on the size of the scroll bar it looks like a long
>article.  Over three fourths of it is comments from readers.  (The
>article is about 2400 words long.)
>Steven Dapra

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