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Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
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Nice to hear from you again.

Of course I read the message and I know that it is actually mostly the
question of farm animals. 

We had in Austrian newspapers pictures of a lonely dog in a deserted
village. Those pictures are deliberately used to influence people in the way
of "Look, how these poor creatures suffer from the nuclear catastroph." And
to create pity for dogs, easily transferrable to humans. It is the usual
trick of organisations collecting money for animals. I was almost furious
after I many years ago came back from an IAEA mission to Romania, where I
had seen many small homeless children sleeping in the ticket hall of the
Bukarest main station on the floor and in Vienna I found advertising of some
group that I should donate money to have dogs in Bukarest sterilized, so
that the rest and their fewer offsprings will have a better life!!! 

Do you remember the actions following the BSE crisis in Europe, especially
in the United Kingdom? I am too lazy to look after the numbers, but there
must have been hundreds of thousands of cows killed and burnt. 

Do you remember the "avian flue", where millions if not billions of chicken
had to be killed? So it seems to me to be false faced to complain about the
Japanese livestock. Anyway I do not have any numbers, how many animals would
be affected. 

But back to livestock and Europe: After the Chernobyl accident maximum
permissible concentrations of radionuclides (mostly Cs-137 and 134)in food
were established. A terrible lot of animals and products like milk were
found to exceed these values. Before reliable strategies concerning feeding
to lower the contamination could be established, the animals exceeding these
values had to be slaughtered and disposed of. I do not remember that there
were any protests of any organisation. Dogs and cats were of course not
killed - I cannot believe, that in Japan any such action is foreseen.  

In Northern Norway, Sweden and partly in Finland moose and reindeer were
very much affected and showed very high contamination of their meat,
comparable to the values in the sixties. The "sami" (Lapps) who tend the
herds of reindeer were endangered to have to give up their traditional way
of life, because they could not sell and make money of the reindeer meat.
This might have destroyed their extremely interesting culture. This was
averted by government subsistence, but thinking of the average peoples
reindeer meat consumption the resulting dose would have been really
ridiculous. Not to think about the price of smoked reindeer meat, which
restricts the consumption dramatically! If you ever have a chance, taste it,
it is delicious!   

I wish you that your mine produces radon continously to help people to feel

Have you ever been to the famous Austrian spa of Bad Gastein?

Best regards,


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
MinRat i.R.
Habicherg. 31/7
A-1160 Wien/Vienna

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The issue is not just " a dog " - but also includes farm animals etc.  More
info is available at the website that was offered.

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