[ RadSafe ] Support Radon Mine but mention "kill" scientist make nosense, help!

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Wed May 4 20:05:17 CDT 2011

At 12:00 PM 5/4/2011, you wrote:
>Hi all,

>I think there have been some odd notes put out 
>there including, "stop me before I kill again" 
>and "took a vote. Kill again" regarding 
>Caldicott's article.  I have to agree with M. 
>Sato that these are odd statements, and although 
>I grew up in this culture, I flinched rather 
>than laughed - although I believe humor and 
>venting frustration were the authors' goals.  I 
>don't know if Caldicott's a quack or not, but 
>from what I've read, I'd definitely say her 
>understanding of radiation, its uses, risks and 
>benefits are not well understood by her.

         In her capacity as a medical doctor 
(M.D.) Caldicott may well be a competent doctor, 
and not a "quack."  To say radiation, etc., is 
"not well understood" by her is to vastly understate the problem.

>   She tried to give the impression that M.D. 's 
> do no harm, but the health physicists do - I 
> definitely take exception to that and would 
> remind her that radiology, radiation therapy 
> and nuclear medicine are standard medical 
> programs.  Having a medical degree does not 
> eliminate ones ability or risk of causing 
> harm.  I am concerned that Caldicott seems to 
> be spreading a misguided understanding of 
> radiological risk and that she does not appear 
> to consider the exposure going on in her own 
> field of employment, which tends to be the 
> highest lifetime source of radiation exposure for most individuals.

         She doesn't suffer from a "misguided 
understanding."  She knows nothing about 
radioactivity, nor does she know anything about 
the epidemiology that pertains to it.


>Cindy Bloom


         Interspersed comments are mine.

Steven Dapra

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