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Carol Marcus csmarcus at ucla.edu
Wed May 4 22:14:32 CDT 2011

Michael, you are a national resource!  Strong work!

Ciao, Carol

At 07:13 PM 5/4/2011, you wrote:

>I, of course, got Clay's joke immediately. If 
>some took it seriously, they have proven these 
>corollaries to the "there is no safe dose of radiation" assertion:
>- there is no safe level of internet humor. 
>Someone out there with a sour puss will 
>certainly flame you if you make a veiled attempt 
>at humor, and, if they can afford a lawyer, they may also sue you.
>- there is no safe level of exposure to any 
>chemical species on the planet. They mostly all 
>cause cancer, and if this is true at high 
>levels, it must also be true at trivially low 
>levels. Has anyone on this list ever had a diet 
>drink? If so, you are of course doomed.
>- there is no safe level of exposure to 
>anti-nuclear extremists.  As I pointed out in my 
>1999 HP Newsletter article, “Most antinuclear 
>activists don’t publicize this, but they are all 
>secretly carrying around in their bodies on 
>average about 180,000,000 atoms of 
>plutonium!  There is always a finite, if however 
>small, chance that one of these activists could 
>explode at any moment.  If this were to happen, 
>all of this plutonium could conceivably be 
>spread across the entire United States.  As it 
>is well known that just a single decay of a 
>radioactive atom can instantly induce cancer, 
>considerably more than half of the US population 
>would be immediately at risk.  Should two 
>activists explode, our country could be wiped 
>out instantly.” OK, this is an international 
>list, chance “US” to “planet” if you wish, no 
>need to send me nasty emails or put a bomb under 
>my car (leave that to the animal rights whackos).
>- nothing at all, in any facet of this earthly 
>existence, is safe. Do you take showers? I 
>certainly hope so, for your family’s and 
>co-worker’s sake. If you do, your life is at 
>constant risk; the number of people dying from 
>falls in their showers each year is staggering. 
>Do you drive a car? How many times a week do you 
>drive past someone (or you) who just staggered 
>out of a bar or restaurant after having a drink 
>or two (if a 0.08 alcohol level is dangerous 
>certainly 0.01 is 1/8 as dangerous, therefore 
>potentially lethal). Anyone seen anyone using a 
>cell phone while driving recently?
>- If you believe that there is no safe level of 
>exposure to radiation, suicide may be your only 
>option, as you are being bathed in showers of 
>massively carcinogenic gamma rays and breathing 
>lethal levels of radon as you read my various ramblings here.
>I hope many of you read the recent piece by 
>myself and Dr. Siegel discussing “the imposing figure of Sir
>Lawrence Olivier as Dr. Szell in the movie 
>Marathon Man—holding an implement of torture in one hand
>and a salve of numbing balm in the other, and 
>asking with insistence “IS IT SAFE?” If not, 
>here’s your free download 
>Is it too late to hope for the use of objective 
>data in science, or will the NY Times, 
>Caldicotts, Busbys, Goffmans and Sternglasses of 
>this world determine for society what is allegedly ‘safe’?
>(yes, yes, my opinions only, blah freakin blah)
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