[ RadSafe ] Workers enter Japan nuclear reactor building

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Thu May 5 10:54:35 CDT 2011

Many leading newspapers are discussing the magnitudes  of doses under different circumstances. Nice graphics explain everything.

While I wrote an article on background radiation and radioactivity, I mentioned in passing that by eating a banana one is letting 14 Bq of potassium-40 body in to the body. Just under the title the editorial staff published the appetizing photo of hundreds of ripe yellow bananas, making a visual treat. The article was handled well except that Bq was not explained (My original text had a table; below that I explained Bq) Since space was at a premium they dropped the table "Bq" also fell out!!)

Now many journalists are very receptive

You can access the article at:http://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/agriculture/article1991190.ece


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Good to read that the workers are progressing into the reactor building to
repair and/or install ventilation.  The reporting actually seems a little
better in this AP News article.  AP used proper units and even related the
250 mSv emergency dose limit to an acute dose level where radiation sickness
is likely to occur, i.e. 1000 mSv.

I wonder if the reporters are learning the proper units and language.or are
they finding the right people to interview.  


Dustin G. Miller

RSO/Health Physicist

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