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Anagnostopoulos, Harry (CONTR) H.Anagnostopoulos at nv.doe.gov
Thu May 5 11:19:01 CDT 2011

Mr. Gallego stated:


I would think the future of nuclear power is much brighter if it turns

that global warming is caused by human activity. It would be ironic if

turns out that the "vast majority of the people on this list knew

global warming is not true".




Several of my colleges and myself have been looking at this issue
closely. Yes, we actually look at BOTH sides of the argument! Our
conclusion is that man-made global warming in not likely. Several
resources indicate that it is not even possible (carbon inventory,
sequestering in the oceans, etc...).


Now I really am not interested if you all agree or not. The point of
this message is intellectual honesty. For me, the reduction of carbon
emissions is not an honest argument for nuclear power. There are several
more fruitful arguments to be made for nuclear power.


I highly recommend reading "State of Fear" by Michael Crichton. The
fictional story is not his best work. The overall message, that fear
motivates and that social causes use fear to their advantage, is worth
the read. Also, don't skip the appendices. The first is an exhaustive
listing of references that he used for the book. The second details a
similar episode of scientific alarmism that motivated large populations
of scientists and the social elite, and was not based in science at all.
You will be shocked and disgusted to see what it was...


Again, this post is about intellectual honesty. The on-going series
between Dr. Busby and Steve Dapra, when boiled-down, also seems to be
about intellectual honesty. Based upon the BEHAVIORS that I have seen,
Dr. Busby loses this one...


(my musings only, etc...)





Harry Anagnostopoulos, CHP



"In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but
planning is indispensable."

-             President Dwight D. Eisenhower




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