[ RadSafe ] Radiation exposure and the power of zero By Jeffrey Patterson | 26 April 2011

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Publishing something like this decreases their credibility, because it
is infused with intellectual dishonesty.  The best that can be hoped for
is that the author is actually more ignorant concerning radiation issues
than the article makes him appear, because the other alternative is that
he is willing to "lawyer lie" to advance his agenda.  

The last paragraph, quoted below, is just dumb.  One might as well say
that we should choose to halt earthquakes and tsunamis, for all its
practicality.  There are countries that will decline to give up nuclear
power, or nuclear weapons, or both, so there is no benefit in "we"
(however the author chooses to define the group) doing so.  That doesn't
even touch on the deaths of real people, not hypothetical
worst-case-scenario-in-the-distant-future deaths, that eliminating
nuclear power and replacing it with coal (the only viable current
choice) or not replacing it at all, would cause.

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(thebulletin) in parentheses to eliminate any search engine benefit .

I am wondering what the opinion among the physicists is regarding the
conclusion of this article. It is different from that which I was
Especially the last paragraph:

We must choose to halt this process. To do this we need to quickly
> all nuclear weapons, and make a dramatic and rapid retreat from the
use of
> nuclear power to generate electricity. Only then will we demonstrate
that we
> recognize and appreciate the true meaning of Einstein's prophetic
> "The splitting of the atom has changed everything save our mode of
> Thus we drift toward unparalleled catastrophe."

I realize he is just a physician but is the Bulletin of Atomic
even credible???
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