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Doug Huffman doug.huffman at wildblue.net
Sat May 14 07:44:09 CDT 2011

Mr. Roger Helbig's career was senior in federal engineering management,
IIRC, Mare Island Naval Shipyard Code 200.  We each were involved in the
Base Realignment and Closure Commission of 1993 decision to close our
facilities.  We each provided input to the decision matrix and so saw
its development from the inside, so to speak.

Neither Helbig nor I purport to be scientists.  Science is a way of
thought that may lead to truth.  Self-proclaimed scientists are not.

Better an error from an honest man than dishonesty from a scientist.

Doug Huffman
Shift Test Engineer
CNS, C. 2340.X retired
Washington Island

On 5/14/2011 07:26, Busby Chris wrote:
> Dear Radsafers
> This man Helbig has no scientific status, has published nothing, and spends his time abusing real scientists. The ECRR which he is abusing here has members who scientifically outrank (with research papers and position)anybody on any of the so-called official risk agencies. You know, i am sure, that the ICROP has no different status than the ECRR but ICRP's members are different in that they have rarely done any research. If you want you should look at the Lesvos Declaration on www.euradcom.org which lists some of the ECRR scientists.

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