[ RadSafe ] Dr. Busby and radon

Busby Chris C.Busby at ulster.ac.uk
Mon May 16 13:20:41 CDT 2011

Maybe, and I am not saying radon is not a hazard. Thats not the point. Everyone agrees about that and i am not needed there. C

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Dr. Busby,

I would be interested in knowing about your involvement in trying to
reduce radon exposure.  The number of person-rem per year from radon
worldwide would be difficult to calculate, but clearly exceeds the
person-rem per year that can be expected from Fukushima.  As you would
get a bigger health risk reduction from campaigning for more and better
testing for radon, leading to more and better mitigation, it seems safe
to assume you are at least as active and passionate about radon as you
are about any other isotope that produces avoidable dose.
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