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More info about the nuclear detonation near Fallon, NV in 1963, from U.S. Department of Energy references.
I am not implying that the release from this detonation caused any health effects in the population in the area.

Test Shoal
Nuclear test detection - research experiment
28 Miles southeast of Fallon, Nevada
Location, Latitude 39.200 degrees, Longitude -118.381 degrees
Depth of Burial: 1,204 ft
Release Detected: Onsite Only
Type of Release: Drillback
Purpose: Vela Uniform
Yield: 12 kt (kiloton)

Drillback Release Activity at Time of Release, in Curies: 1.1 x 10^2
Xe-131m and Xe-133 in curies: 1.1 x 10^2
I-131 in curies: less than 1.0

"Drillback" releases occurred during postshot operations to recover samples; these releases were either filtered or unfiltered. After drillback operations were completed, a "cementback" occurred where the drill hole was sealed with a plug and cemented to the surface. These release data have been listed at the time of release, estimated from the point of release and reported to two significant figures, when possible. A quantitative isotopic breakdown is reported, if available.

Vela Uniform: Department of Defense program designed to improve the capability to detect, identify, and locate underground nuclear explosions.

United States Nuclear Tests, July 1945 through September 1992  
DOE/NV 209-REV15 
877 KB

Radiological Effluents Released from U.S. Continental Tests, 1961 through 1992  
DOE/NV 317 
1821 KB

Both reference documents are available at the U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) - Nevada Site Office website at:

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I suppose all of you know there was an underground nuclear event about 40 miles east of Fallon, NV in 1963.  About the same time EPA (U.S. Public Health Service, Division of Radiological Health)was investigation thyroid tumer cases in children in Utah and Arizona. 

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