[ RadSafe ] Fallon leukemias, and mosquitoes

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Could it be mosquitoes 


"BITES from mosquitoes carrying unidentified viruses might explain childhood
leukaemia clusters around the town of Fallon in Nevada. And last week, a
separate UK report found no link between nuclear power plants and childhood
14 May 2011
The Nevada cluster is the largest in the US. Previous research failed to
find a link between the cases and carcinogenic chemicals. The new study of
the 14 Fallon cases that arose between 1997 and 2003 - a rate 12 times
higher than normally expected in such a period - concludes that military
personnel may have brought a virus to the area, which was then spread by
mosquitoes. The cluster "fizzled out" once all vulnerable children had been


Fred Dawson

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May 18

         This article has a link within it to a paper in 
Chemico-Biological Interactions.  The link is

         The title is "Unusual space-time patterning of the Fallon, 
Nevada leukemia cluster:Evidence of an infectious etiology," by 
Stephen S. Francis, Steve Selvin, Wei Yang, Patricia A. Buffler, and 
Joseph L. Wiemels.

         The authors cite four other papers on seasonal variations in 
leukemia.  (They are in fns. 20 - 23.)

         The paper is in press.

Steven Dapra

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> > Childhood cancer outbreak possibly caused by mosquitoes
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> > May 18, 2011 | Susanne Rust
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