[ RadSafe ] Tondel on Chernobyl cancers in Sweden

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"Martin Tondel, a researcher at Sweden's Linkoeping University who
headed the study, said that, of 22,400 cancer cases, 849 could be
statistically attributed to Chernobyl.

He said that, after other factors such as smoking, population density
and age had been taken into account, it seemed the only possible

Wow; three significant figures?  That is impressive.  And that Chernobyl
"seemed the only possible explanation" for 849 cancer cases would imply
that he had investigated all 22,400 cancer cases, and attributed each of
the other 21,551 cases to some other cause.  I am impressed by his
dedication.  Most students wouldn't spend nearly the time and effort
needed to get to that level of precision.  

Now, if I only had some confidence in the accuracy of the number...
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May 18

	In attempt to attribute cancers in Sweden to Chernobyl, Chris
trotted out one Martin Tondel.

	This link is to an article on the BBC's website (Nov., 2004)
Tondel's claims.  He can only come up with about 3.8 percent of 
Swedish cancers that he claims can be attributed to Chernobyl.  He 
acknowledges no increase in leukemias or in thyroid cancer.


	Tondel is in the Department of Occupational and Environmental 
Medicine at University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden.

	See also this article relying on Tondel in a May 2007 article in


Steven Dapra

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