[ RadSafe ] the best way to silence someone is toceasecommentingon them

franz.schoenhofer at chello.at franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Tue May 24 17:51:45 CDT 2011

---- Busby Chris <C.Busby at ulster.ac.uk> schrieb:
> Dear Dr Franz,
> Hitler?
> What next?
> What does Min Rat mean? Is that relevant?
> Chris

Dear Chris,
There are for instance arabic countries, where one is addressed by first name - this is not the case in Austria and I think all over Europe and ones title. Either "Franz" or "Dr. Schoenhofer", I prefer the first altérnativ, since it is the habit in the USA, where so many good friends live and in Europe it is increasingly common.

So much about etiquette. 

I did not raise the question of AH, it was Sandy Perle who raised it a few times on RADSAFE in order to undermine my credibility, because I am an Austrian. What next - ask Sandy Perle. 

You ask as another obviously very important scientific  question what "MinRat" means. I agree that this is reallly a very important and decisive question - how naive are you? It is a title (Ministerialrat) one acquires when one works long enough for the government. It is associated with a raise in payment. In my case it meant that I had acquired officially enough experience (what a nonsense).

This question is very typically for what I critizised as a very successful way of  underhe changemining and distracting a newsgroup. The answer is absolutely unimportant, but it keeps recipients of this message busy - like me now, long after midnight. 
Mr Busby (please notice the change adressing): What you provide us with is a shame. your videos and interviews are a scandal and your affiliation to fake "commisions" and whatsoeverr is only explainable by your income from them. 

My deepest distain.


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