[ RadSafe ] Elderly volunteers seek to stabilize nuclear plant.

Brennan, Mike (DOH) Mike.Brennan at DOH.WA.GOV
Wed May 25 15:40:35 CDT 2011


"Yasuteru Yamada, 72, who previously worked for Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd., said people aged 60 or older must undertake the mission because their age means the adverse impact from radioactivity will be minimal."

I hope the policy makers at least give him a fair hearing, as his concept is sound.  There are plenty of people somewhat older than me, with decades of useful experience, who would be quite willing to do what they can.  And although I understand and agree with not using age-differentiated dose limits under normal circumstances, these circumstances are not normal, and acknowledging that older people are less likely to suffer negative long term effects should be considered.  

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