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Before writing my response I would like to urge the list owner to categorily and immediately remove the sender of the criticized mail from the list. In Austria it is a crime to use expressions like "Untermenschen" and this would be punished heavily as well as any neo-nazistic activities. This is not "dead law", but still applied, fortunately there are only very few cases against some idiots. The message by this person is clearly a violation of the legislation being in force as far as I know not only in Austria but all over Europe. What about the USA? Is it there legal to distribute Nazi propaganda? 

I expect a feed back -  personally to me, if you prefer. 


Are you joking? Are you deliberately ridiculing and/or belitteling 99.99999% of the world population??? Are you providing "food" for Greenpeace or Busby-like organisations?

Please tell me and the list, that this was an erroneous post and why it was understood in a wrong way. 

I do not know anybody except some (not all!) of my scientific collegues who could do the mathematic required for dose determination - not to talk how they should get information about dose coefficients, radionuclide distributions, etc. etc. 

It has been a big task to educate people even in remote areas to learn how to add, subtract, even multiply or divide.  In the so-called developed countries this is a "sine qua non" requirement. Even in underdeveloped countries when buying kitsch souvenirs they are able to add numbers. 

Thank you also for linking the serious radiation protection questions to Nazi propaganda!!!!! Those people are not fully human? They are subhuman, in German referred to as "Untermenschen" - those who were Jewish, Polish, Slavic, Greek, Hungarian, not to talk other far away ethicities etc. etc., who "had" to be extinguished and partially were ??? 

I am sure that Sandy Perle will not support my points. It might be a (future) customer. 


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