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Thankyou very much for taking the trouble to re-post those messages.

I have started my own "peer review" of the post-Chernobyl paper by Prof. Busby, but I fear that it is going to take me some tile before I will be able to post properly respectful and detailed comments on radsafe. 

I'm afraid I can only offer the usual excuses for progressing this at such a slow pace, including my day-job and my other (self-funded) research work.

Since Chernobyl happened some years ago, I expect that other far better qualified than myself have already looked into this data quite extensively.

Kind Regards

Derek Putley.

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> May 28
>          Since Chris Busby complained (below) that no one has 
> presented a "sensible explanation" of the post-Chernobyl infant 
> leukemias, I have reproduced my brief critique of his article.  Then 
> I reproduce his reply, and the germane portion of my rejoinder to 
> that.  My rejoinder was never answered.  Below that are the 
> References to my critique of Busby.
> Steven Dapra

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