[ RadSafe ] Germany to shut down reactors by 2022

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Amen! Many years ago at a utility I worked at there was a sign in the Control Room that depicted the feelings about intervenor efforts to shut the 2 units down, that simply read. Let the bastards freeze in the dark. This was true over 30 years ago and just as true today.

Going to be cold winters and hot summers in all these Countries due to inexcusable decisions made by their governments.


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May 30

         The Germans are signing themselves up for a heap of (cold) trouble.

Steven Dapra

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>Dear Steven & Group:
>The sad truth is that the energy will come to Germany in the form of Russian
>natural gas controlled by Gasprom.  Three years ago, Gasprom turned-off the
>gas to Europe on 1 January 2009 claiming that Ukraine was "stealing gas"
>leaving it off for several weeks.  Since so much of Eastern Europe is very
>dependent on Russia for energy, this single "statement" caused major
>disruptions (and geopolitical changes) in Eastern and Central Europe
>including Germany.  The price of gas spiked, and old company joint projects
>were re-evaluated to include Russian companies.
>This also happened in 2006 with Ukraine said to be stealing gas, and Belarus
>in earlier "gas-stealing" events.  Gasprom always finds excuses to shut gas
>off, and they appear to be a major arm of the Russian government's
>heavy-handed foreign policy. 10% of Russian GDP comes from Gasprom.
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>May 29
>         How will Germany replace the 22 percent of electricity it receives
>from reactors?
>Steven Dapra

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