[ RadSafe ] Santayana & Scientific Arrogance -was, Re: 17 workers exposed at Idaho nuclear lab

Stewart Farber SAFarber at optonline.net
Thu Nov 10 17:02:46 CST 2011

Hi David,
You quote philosopher George Santayana's famous quote in closing your note  
to radsafe yesterday: "Those who cannot learn from the past, are doomed to  
repeat it".

The Santayana quote I really value is:

"To knock a thing down, especially if it is cocked at an arrogant angle,  
is a deep delight of the blood."

So true! This latter quote by Santayana is spot-on [or "bang on", as they  
say in Britain] to the arrogance of those self-serving, non-scientist  
con-men and publicity seekers,  who make ludicrous claims based upon their  
manipulation of data, while ignoring any data contrary to their  
preconceived biases.

Stewart Farber, MSPH
SAFarber at optonline.net

On Wed, 09 Nov 2011 18:01:28 -0500, Neil, David M <neildm at id.doe.gov>

> Here's the link to the INL press release


> Dave Neil
> DOE-ID Lessons Learned Coordinator
> Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  - George  
> Santayana

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