[ RadSafe ] 17 workers exposed at Idaho nuclear lab

Neil, David M neildm at id.doe.gov
Wed Nov 9 17:01:28 CST 2011

Salmon as a byline? Arco is closer, and MFC is closer to Idaho Falls than either one. Salmon is out in the woods. The reporter must have been (literally) fishing. ☺

16 workers, not 17; it was originally stated incorrectly to the media.

So far I have heard of nothing confirmed beyond the skin and clothing contaminations.  Excerpting from the news releases; an unexpected loose item fell out of the wrapping when the container was being opened, which created some spread of loose contamination and airborne.  The personnel in the room evacuated, and have been undergoing the usual tests for internal uptakes. Contamination did not escape the room, and plans are underway for a controlled entry and recovery.

Here's the link to the INL press release 

Dave Neil
DOE-ID Lessons Learned Coordinator

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  - George Santayana

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