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Dear Radsafe:
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        Hope you all are well.   Penetrations????!!!!  
Penetrations of DU military shells into tank side etc. walls???? 
What are you all thinking?????!!!!!   Sorry, I must have been  elsewhere 
intellectually in the last
Six months...
         Penetrations are holes,  voids in shielding walls at accelerators 
(particle accelerators).
Places where incident or produced radiation are not being  shielded by the 
primary shield walls.
For example, penetrations can be places where beam pipes pass through  
shielding walls.
         For a reference, please  see Cossairt's Accelerator Health Physics 
course notes
(1993  and other times).  See also Gollon and Awschalom "Design  of 
penetrations in hadron shields"
CERN report 71-16, Volume 2 (1971), also published in IEEE Trans. Nucl.  
Sci. NS-18 (1971)
         I do not have this  reference.
         Tanks????!!!!  How  cool.  Abrams tanks????!!!!   Tigers, 
Sherman's, Panzers,  etc.
The little sewing machine company (NJ) (Singer/Kearfott/Astronautics) I  
think, designs
inertial guidance systems and accelerometers for tank systems.  The  lower 
part of a tank needs one
guidance system to tell one where the tank is with respect to the ground of 
 the Earth.
Some other kind of angular positioning system (or perhaps even a second  
guidance system) is
needed to tell one what the position of the tank turret with respect to the 
 bottom section of the tank.
The turret system is physically connected to the bottom of the tank.   
Enough said.
Tank side wall etc. thickness to prevent shell penetration, well, look it  
up for the tank of interest.
Jane's Military guides (England), Popular Mechanics, Popular Science may be 
 sources of information
about such things and flying objects.
        A while ago now, Popular Science  and/or Popular Science had an 
article on Hydrogen weapon
fundamental designs.  I recently saw a TV show lately on fundamental  
hydrogen weapon designs.
Cool.  Testing in the South Pacific also.  Bernie C., does Israel  test its 
weapons in deserts
in Israel????
         Global  Warming  again... Well, we'll see if temperatures of the 
globe become more average in  the
next 5-10 years.
         Dr. Long, if you have data  from 1954 on, you might plot US or 
global hot weather/cold 
weather deaths (per million persons????) as a function of time.  Highs  in 
such deaths would be
around 1954 and 1998.  Lows in about 1976???  Is this the  case????  This 
would only be the case if you
believe what I say about Earth polar motion peaks in 1910, 1954,  and 1998.
        Long Counter --- a form of  neutron detector.

        Geiger-Mueller detector --- see  Cossairt's book.
         Don't pick on the  Mueller's ---- they tend to strike back... Many 
Muellers are
in Germany, Switzerland, Austria.  Uh oh, I said the magic word,  
Austria...  Better go offline 
              Have  a good week!!!!!
                  Regards,    Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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