[ RadSafe ] Unlikely News Headlines

Jerry Cohen jjc105 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 21 23:55:14 CST 2011

Following, are a few  newspaper headlines that we will probably never see 
	*  The ICRP resscinds it's LNT policy and concedes that low-dose radiation 
exposure may actually be beneficial  in nature 
	* The American Cancer Society announces that it's campaign against cigarette 
smoking was  misguided and that smoking actually improves health.
	* Alcohol consumption found to enhance automibile driving skills
	* Busby concedes that his anti-radiation pills are just a scam

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it's not quite on par with Joe Paterno (50 years of exemplary service wiped out 
by one "aww sh@!*%t"), but watch yourself Stewart.  We'll be watching for such 
blunders in the future.  You are on notice. 

Brent Rogers
Sydney Australia

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> I know Bruce Busby, he is a friend of mine, and Chris Busby is no Bruce Busby!
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> Brent, you're right. There is a significant difference between Bruce Busby and 
>Chris Busby!
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> On 11/21/11 5:15 PM, "Brent Rogers" <brent.rogers at optusnet.com.au> wrote:
>> CHRIS Busby, not Bruce.
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>> On 22/11/2011, at 11:47, Stewart Farber <SAFarber at optonline.net> wrote:
>>> Hello all,
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